Sell Gold In Dubai

While purchasing jewellery or other gold items, you always plan ahead and think of selling gold in return for money at some point in the future. However, one may not be aware of the whole process and might be confused about how to sell gold and where to sell gold for cash.
Why Should You Choose Us?
To sell gold for the highest price and not be cheated in the process, you need to known how gold is valued upon sale and upon buying back. To sell gold jewellery, one might think of the depreciation in cost but at AJL jewellers we promise the best prices and hence you have nothing to worry about.
You can easily sell gold in Dubai. Just bring your items to our stores and have them examined by our professional experts.

The Process of Selling Gold: Transparent and Efficient
• The first step is you presenting the item that you want to sell and verbally consenting to have our staff examine it.
• The sales representative will then weigh the item in front of you inform you the exact measurement.
• Once the weigh is recorded, the gold that you want to sell will be taken for cleaning and removal of stones which is the next step in the process.
• This is important to remember when you sell gold jewellery. The items, due to use might have gathered dirt through the years and this may affect the weight of the object, hence it is cleaned thoroughly.
• The stones and other precious metals that decorate your jewellery are not weighed by the price of gold but you will get paid for them if they are precious jewels.
• To get highest price for gold, our sales representatives will weigh the item once again and note the difference, informing you of the same.
• Based on whether your item is 916 marked, the value of your gold will be determined. If the gold bears the 916 mark of purity, then you will get the current price of gold as per the weight of your item.
• If it is gold coins or bars that you are selling, there will be no depreciation in value or removal of any kind.


Now that you have understood the process of selling gold in Dubai, at AJL Jewellers leave out any doubts or apprehensions. Gold is a great investment as you can sell gold for instant money in times of urgent need or even otherwise.
The Best Prices and the Most Trusted Buyers
To sell your gold in Dubai, there is no better option than AJL. We know the emotional value of gold and promise to help you sell your gold at the best possible prices.
Whether you need to sell gold or buy gold, we are here to help. Our services are cent percent perfect and secure and we follow extremely transparent means in our operations. All weighing and removal of parts is done in front of your eyes and we can assure you that there will be no loss in value, you can trust us on that.
We accept any type of gold from 18 to 24 carats and also accept gold from different countries. Our only demand is your trust and sincerity that we will return to you. There is no better store for you to sell your gold as we offer the highest and best cash backs for gold than any other store in Dubai. We have an expert team with whom you can communicate directly before you sell gold and they will inform you about the processes involved and even give an approximate price for your item.

Tips that may help you sell gold for best prices.
• Because we want what is best for you, we offer you an inside tip, always sell gold when the times are tough and when there is a high demand for investments this automatically raises the price of gold.
• You can also self-assess your gold by checking for marks that denote its carat value or purity, in other words which will help you to do a rough calculation and reach at an amount that you will receive when you sell gold for cash.
• Never approach pawn shops or local brokers/ money lenders to sell gold as there are high chances of fraudulent practices being followed and you being cheated of the rightful amount you may get when you sell gold for instant money.
Gold is precious and we promise you a gratifying experience once you step into our store. Our processes are quick and efficient and we will help you get the best experience of selling your gold in Dubai. We are open to any number of questions that you may want to ask relating to selling gold.