Live Gold Price

SELLING GOLD IN UAE No matter how well you plan your budget, there sometimes arise situations that put you in urgent need to raise funds. In such situations, it is best to not worry yourself much and instead sell your gold ornaments and other items for cash. We know that everyone might be confused of the process of selling gold in Dubai and hope that we can ease some of the confusion. Saving for the future should always include some saving in the form of gold. Unlike other investments, the monetary value of gold will always gain you profit. The relationship that we humans have with gold is one that is as old as time itself. Gold also has an emotional connection when connected with various important events of one’s life. We value this relationship and will respect every piece of gold that you bring to us. We accept even broken, disfigured, unwanted gold items.

Why Should you sell gold in Dubai and choose us?

Selling gold in Dubai is profitable if your gold item is pure. The price of any gold item is determined based on the weight of the item and the selling gold rate in Dubai. The live gold rate in Dubai today is:

  • 24 K: 219.50 AED
  • 22K: 206.25 AED
  • 21K: 196.75 AED
  • 18K: 168.75 AED.
  • Our jewellery is known for its transparency of processes. We have nothing to hide and hence do not charge any hidden prices. All the process involved in the valuation and sale of your item will be informed to you beforehand.
  • With us, you can get the best market value for your gold items, be it jewellery, coins, bars, bricks or any other item made of gold. We value the relationship with our customers and ensure the best service.
  • Our processes are extremely quick and transparent. You need not wait for a long time for your valuation or payment. At the same time, we will not compromise on any checks and cause any loss to you.
  • We have a group of experts in our company who can value gold from any part of the world. Along with the gold, they will also provide the right price for any other stones or gems that are part of your jewellery.
  • The evaluation of your items is done using hi-tech, state- of- the- art analysis technology that can verify the weight and purity of gold in a comprehensive manner.
  • We do not charge any extra fee for verification or conversion into scrap gold. This would be part of our process and no money will be reduced from the amount due to you for any of the processes conducted.

How is Gold evaluated?

Gold is evaluated based on its purity in carats, symbolised by K and its weight in grams. There are different levels of purity found in gold namely: 24K, 22K, 21K and 18K. Usually, 22K gold is used to make gold ornaments as gold in its pure form is very soft and stretchy and is not suitable for making stylish gold ornaments. After getting consent from you to sell gold, your gold will be cleaned by our exerts. In this process, all dirt and other pollutants will be removed from your gold. All beads, gems and stones will also be removed. The weight of the gold alone, without the stones or gems will be valuated and payment made. If the stones used are valuable in nature like diamonds or rubies, the price for those stones based on their respective market value will be given to you. After weighing the gold, considering the purity (whether 24K, 22K, 21K or 18K) you will be given an appropriate amount. We promise the best prices for your gold based on the selling gold price. It is best to choose a time when the live gold rate in UAE is on the higher side to sell your gold in Dubai. Selling gold in Dubai is easy when we are here to help you. Gold is not just an item of the present but the promise of the future too. Its value will always increase in the global market and selling gold for live gold price in Dubai is a profitable decision.

You can get instant payment in return for your gold at our jewellery. You can rely on us and be sure to get the best price for your gold in Dubai at our stores.