Every individual has a unique sense of style and this style is what defines them. Your jewellery is an essential part of your look and can become a defining style factor. Hence, it is very important to wear jewellery that is beautiful, unique and eye-catching.
Who does not like to stand apart from the crowd and own pieces of gold, silver or platinum jewellery that is exquisite and one-of-a-kind? AJL Jewellers understand this need of their customers and offers them a chance to create their own customised gold/silver/platinum/ diamond jewellery sets in Dubai.
At AJL Jewellers, you will be able to choose your own jewellery design right from the initial drawing to the final product. Your ideas are valuable to us and we are ready to patiently listen and eventually produce beautiful customised gold/ silver/ platinum/ diamond jewellery that will make everyone turn around
In consultation with our designers, you can discuss your needs, ideas, likes and dislikes and they will offer their expert advice in the matter. You can choose from the existing raw designs or create your own design by communicating your desire with the designers. Further on, you can choose the metal specification and designate whether you want customised gold/ silver/ diamond or platinum jewellery.
AJL Jewellers also allows you to select the additional precious jewels or enamel that you may want in your customised gold/ silver/ diamond or platinum jewellery and also promises to deliver the finished product to you within the specified amount of time. Your vision and our expert designers can work together to create your own personal masterpiece and something that you will cherish for the rest of your life.
The services we offer in this regard include full customised jewellery sets, Arabic name pendants, name bracelet, name pendants, name necklaces and rings designed to your liking. We can engrave upon existing jewellery or even design new ones with embossment, enamelling or cutting the metal out to shape.
No matter how small and intricate or how large and grand your order, we promise to create customised gold/ silver/ diamond or platinum jewellery just as you had dreamt of, cut out to your specifications and designed solely for you. With our customised gold/ silver/ diamond or platinum jewellery services, you need not worry about wearing something that someone else has and you can even tell everyone who asks you that this piece of jewellery was designed just for you.