There is a general misconception that diamonds cannot be sold and have no resale value. This cannot be further from the truth. Diamonds are very precious and they are great assets to buy. They are also great gifts and a grand gesture for your loved ones.
However, one must be careful when trying to sell diamond as it is essential to get the right price for your diamonds. The question then arises where you can sell diamond jewellery in Dubai and the answer that will be most profitable for you is AJL Jewellers.
To sell diamonds in Dubai, AJL is the best option as we promise the best possible price for your diamonds. You can approach any other jewellery trader to sell diamond for cash but they will not give you the fair price that we can.

Where to Sell Diamond in Dubai?
You can sell diamond jewellery in any jewellery trader’s shop and get cash in return. At AJL, you can choose from the multiple options of selling diamond for cash or exchanging diamond jewellery for new ones. When confused about how to sell diamond and how to sell diamond for highest price, turn to us and we can help you.
Sell your diamond in Dubai at AJL Jewellers and don’t worry about being cheated because our processes are transparent and secure. Our sales representatives and experts on diamonds will support you throughout the process and answer all your questions about selling diamonds in Dubai.

How to Sell Diamond?
• Visit AJL Jewellers and bring your diamonds that you want to sell along with you.
• Remember to carry a valid ID proof, that is a requirement for all cash transactions.
• Sell diamonds at our store by presenting the item and agreeing to quality check.
• Carry with you certificate for the diamond purchase that explains the quality of diamonds, the cut and the number of stones if you have.
• Our experts will assess the purity of your diamonds.
• After careful evaluation and quality check, we will state a price for your diamonds.
• You can sell diamonds to us if you are happy with this price.
• We will explain all the processes carefully before taking the product from you.
• You can sell your diamonds for the highest price at AJL jewellery traders.
• The value of the item will be based on the purity and the quantity that you wish to sell.

The Best and Most Trusted Buyers of Diamond in Dubai
There is no better place to sell diamond jewellery than AJL Jewellers. It can be an emotional and anxious experience to sell your diamond, but we promise to make this process as smooth and stress free as possible. We will give you the best price for diamonds and ensure that you are satisfied with the transaction.
Whether you need to sell diamonds for cash or exchange old diamonds for new ones, we can help you with our myriad services. We accept most types of diamonds like white diamonds, pink diamonds, pink champagne diamonds, blue, green and yellow diamonds, purple diamonds, etc.
For all these you will get a reasonable value and be sure of a secure transaction at AJL Jewellers who cherish the trust their customers bestow upon them. We also accept loose diamond stones or diamond jewellery. If your diamond jewellery is set in gold, platinum or silver, you will receive additional payment for the value of the metal.

Our Process of Buying Diamonds.
We follow a meticulous Five Point Valuation Process when you decide to sell diamonds at our store.
• The first step is a detailed appraisal of the diamond wherein our qualified gem experts will analyse your items based on a checklist of criteria that includes factors like weight and purity, the shape and clarity of the stones, the colour and shine, whether uncut or processed and the cut grade of the diamonds.
• The second step in selling diamonds involves a meticulous assessment of the metal that accompanies the diamond jewellery. Usually, diamond jewellery is set in 18 carat gold base and hence you will get the additional value of the gold based on carat and weight.
• The third important step is an assessment of the market trends. As verified diamond buyers in Dubai, we are in the know of the trends in the diamond industry and are hence able to make statement of the prices in the market at the time when you choose to sell your diamond jewellery in Dubai.
• The next step is a statement of the price that you may get when you sell diamond for cash. This will be determined after taking into account the market price and condition along with the value ascertained from the appraisal of your diamonds.
• The final offer will then reach you and we will agree to buy diamonds from you after you agree to the price that we offer.

Why Sell Diamonds to us?
• We give you the highest price for selling diamonds that is higher than you may get from any other pawnbroker or jeweller in Dubai.
• The assessments are carried out by gem experts who have decades of experience in valuing diamonds and can identify all the qualities of the diamond.
• Our experts are ready to clarify all your doubts and will explain the entire process in detail.
• We give you the best price for diamonds in the least possible time.
• We are the best buyers of diamonds and have many connections in the industry.
Diamonds are valuable jewels and are great possessions to keep. But when in need, you can come to us and sell your diamonds for instant cash. We trust you and hope that we can get the same trust from you. It is easy to get cheated when selling diamond jewellery and hence you should only approach verified, trusted diamond buyers like us who have a legacy of excellence in services.